War & other memorials

This is mounted on the south wall and contains all the names of the people of Redcar who died in the Great War. A  book of remembrance commemorates those who died in the second world war. This memorial is the only full record of those who died, as the town cenotaph only commemorates the fallen collectively

Other Memorials

Further east on the south wall is a memorial to one of Redcar’s fisherman heroes, James Robert Carter, who sacrificed his life to save that of a colleague.

Just inside the Lady Chapel are two memorials to Flying Officer Stewart Ridley who lost his life in 1916 in the Libyan Desert. The wooden cross originally marked his grave in the desert. His family gave Redcar its original Public Library in his memory. A plaque commemorating this can be seen outside the Health Centre, which was built on the site of the library. 

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