The Lady Chapel

The four oval pieces in the windows on the north wall depicting John the Baptist, Christ, St Paul and St Peter predate the Lady Chapel. They are all that is left of the main east window of the church that was dismantled when the chancel extension was built. The dedication is to the Revd Joseph Wilkinson, the first vicar of St Peter’s. The two pieces depicting St Matthew and the Holy Spirit (the Dove) are actually much more recent additions in the 1990’s in memory of a former PCC treasurer (hence St Matthew with his money), which closely follow the design of the earlier four.

The Lady Chapel East Window

The east window dates from the late nineteenth century, before the Lady Chapel existed. Originally the two outer panels were below the central ones when it was sited on the earlier wall at the east end of the church. (The same was true of the window you see as you ascend the stairs in the south east corner of the building). You can see how this would make the inscriptions along the bottom read correctly. It is dedicated to the Revd W. Milburn, vicar from 1854-1884. 

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