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Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Church in Redcar.  We hope that you will discover all you need to know from the information here but the best way to get to know a church is by visiting. Whether you choose to pop in one lunchtime for a time of quiet and to light a candle; or if you would like to come along to one of the services, please be assured that there will be a warm welcome awaiting you.

I believe that as Christians we need lots of opportunity to join together to worship God, explore the bible and learn about our faith whilst sharing in social activities, providing a place to build relationships and friendships. This is what church is for and throughout a year St Peter’s offers all of those opportunities.

We also take very seriously our commitment to care for the community and the wider world. Locally we support the Churches Together Foodbank and there are regular events to raise money for charity.

 You are welcome to come along at any time.






Vicar’s Letter

As we all know, traditionally New Year is the time when people look for ways in which they can improve their lives. Improve them by making promises to themselves or others that they are going to turn over a new leaf, change something in their lives which will lead to them feeling happier with their day to day existence. All very commendable but I think we also know that many of those good intentions are short lived; the diet is not sustained, the daily bible reading misses a few days, the getting up early to swim, walk or run soon loses its attraction. What seemed like a good idea on 31st December gradually dies by 31st January leaving perhaps a trail of guilt or a sense of failure and the knowledge that there is a long wait until the next New Year and the opportunity to try again. Oh dear, how miserable this sounds, you could be crying into your gin - or diet lemonade if you’re attempting ‘dry January’.

  But should life be like this? A round of promises, breaking those promises and then trying again? Well, I would say both yes and no but come from to it from a different angle. If we make promises and rely simply on ourselves and others then inevitably there will be times when things go wrong and we’ll feel defeated but there is a different way.

  If we involve Jesus in what we do we’ll still get things wrong and fall down on our good intentions but there will be a buffer for our fall. Jesus tells us that he will be with us even to the end of time so when we get it wrong He will be there to help pick us up and start again. We don’t have to wait eleven months for the chance to start afresh, we can do it immediately. If we feel guilty about where we have failed there is a way back through God’s redemptive love.

 The whole nature of redemption is that we recognise where we have gone wrong, speak to God and ask for forgiveness and if that request is genuine we will receive God’s forgiveness and be ready to start again. And this really does improve lives. Knowing we are loved so much by our Heavenly Father, that he wants to forgive us is a fabulous feeling and should give us the confidence to go on with courage and hope.  

But sometimes we just need to remember that by maintaining a close relationship with God through Jesus will give us the strength and peace of mind to stand up when we fall and to go forward with joy. The Psalmist says “in your presence there is fullness of joy, at your right hand are pleasures forevermore” (Ps 16:11). What a promise.

 So whatever you try this year be assured that you’re not on your own.

  Your friend and Vicar