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Welcome to the website of St Peter’s Church in Redcar.  We hope that you will discover all you need to know from the information here but the best way to get to know a church is by visiting. Whether you choose to pop in one lunchtime for a time of quiet and to light a candle; or if you would like to come along to one of the services, please be assured that there will be a warm welcome awaiting you.

I believe that as Christians we need lots of opportunity to join together to worship God, explore the bible and learn about our faith whilst sharing in social activities, providing a place to build relationships and friendships. This is what church is for and throughout a year St Peter’s offers all of those opportunities.

We also take very seriously our commitment to care for the community and the wider world. Locally we support the Churches Together Foodbank and there are regular events to raise money for charity.

 You are welcome to come along at any time.







Vicar’s Letter

We are fast approaching the end of the school term which for many marks the end of a year and an opportunity to look for refreshment by having a holiday whether a ‘staycation’ or a trip away. Even if we are no longer governed by school holidays, this still tends to be the time of year when we consider going on a trip or exploring somewhere new. Some people now seem to have ‘bucket lists’ of places to visit and I thought what a good idea this is. One couple I know is attempting to visit every cathedral in England and is having a thoroughly good time doing so, with each visit seeming to also necessitate visiting the cathedral coffee shops to eat cake! Someone else I was talking to said that she has been challenged to visit places that begin with each letter of the alphabet. What a good idea. This idea of journeying to places for a specific reason, reminded me very much of the notion of pilgrimage, of travelling to a particular place for a reason. It’s the planning and the experiences of the journey that are most important to ensure arrival at the destination. How like the Christian life that seems to be.

 For those of us baptised as babies, our parents and godparents had no idea of how our Christian journey through life would pan out. Promises were made on our behalf that we would be encouraged in the Christian way but what in practice that meant no one knew. Plans were undoubtedly made for us but it’s only in living the life that the journey emerges. Like Christian in ‘A Pilgrim’s Progress’ we will have walked many roads and had to make decisions about the route as we have gone along. Should we do this or that and depending on our decision would dictate the next move, the next part of the journey.

For a successful journey we need different kinds of support but the very best direction is to be found through our relationship with God through Jesus. He will never abandon us even if the path seems steep. Some would say especially when the path gets steep. Then there is the Bible which is a signpost and a guidebook, a map and a constant help in our decision making. Then there is the companionship of friends who encourage us and walk alongside, sharing in the adventure of life. The destination of life is the same for everyone, when we will be reunited with our Heavenly Father but it is the journey to that point which is so important.

 If you are not planning to go travelling this summer why not take a journey through the Bible? You could follow the exploits of Joseph and his eleven brothers. Or you could join the Israelites on their journey to freedom, led by Moses. Or why not recall David’s rise to fame from his humble beginnings as a shepherd boy? Or you could relive Paul’s journeys through the accounts in the New Testament epistles, the journeys he took to spread the good news of the love of Christ Jesus. With a map by your side a whole new world of adventure might open up to you, to feed your faith and to open your mind to new vistas.

 Your friend and vicar