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Hello Everyone,

In getting prepared for Christmas events, I bought a book the other day called ‘The Smiley Snowman’. The story is about three furry woodland friends who build a big snowman. Everyone is happy, including the snowman, who wears a big smile on his face. But as the days go on, the three furry friends get busy and distracted playing other games and don’t spend as much time with the snowman. Then, when they do see him, the littlest furry friend notices the snowman is not so smiley anymore. The friends attempt to cheer him up by bringing a hat and a scarf and wrapping him in a duvet. This only makes the snowman sadder because he begins to melt. And so, the friends take action and pack him up with snow again. This doesn’t make any difference until the littlest furry friend wraps his arms around the snowman’s neck and declares “He’s not cold on the outside, he’s cold on the inside and needs a hug to warm him up”.

I think at this time of year we can all be so busy with our ‘to do’ lists that we fail to see those around us whose smile is slipping…those who perhaps feel lonely and cold on the inside; those who need a friend, a listening ear, someone to take notice.

When Jesus was born as a baby, the angels sang and declared “Peace on Earth and Goodwill (from God) to all mankind”. The shepherds hurried to see what God had done and found the Christ Child asleep and warm in the manger, Mary and Joseph gazing lovingly over him.

There’s much in the Christmas story to bring warmth to our hearts. Not least the gentle saviour come to bring peace, goodwill and joy to the earth. When we look in the manger we see the warmth of God’s love for us…come in flesh for us…a warmth and a light and a promise of hope which began in that stable and which is freely given to all who will receive it. God’s gift of himself, to us, in his Son Jesus.

This Christmastime, let those of us who have received this gift share the warmth of God’s love with others. Let’s take the time to notice those whose smile may be slipping and genuinely offer peace and goodwill to those who need his warmth on the inside.

Every Blessing and a Very Happy Christmas!

Rev Tina